I am Renee Hanlon, the designer behind RLH Digital Designs. Before creating digital designs, I had a passion for Interior Design. Beginning in about 2010, I started my first blog, Rustic Crafts & DIY, which fueled my creativity. It wasn’t until 2014, when I discovered graphic design, that my desire to create really took off in a whole new way.

After studying Web and Graphic Design, I realized that graphic design was FUN! My love for it went in the direction of surface designs and patterns and this is exactly what I’ve been meant to do. My tool of choice is Adobe Photoshop where I can transform hand drawings into digital designs. After creating several designs, I decided to try them out in the market and began selling them at Society6. Surprisingly, I ended up selling quite a bit which only fueled me to do more. That’s when I began selling seamless repeat patterns on Spoonflower.

Who knew designing would be so rewarding? It’s a form of art that includes sketches, photography and painting through Photoshop. My style is somewhat whimsical and geared towards nature or the outdoors. Check out my portfolio to get a feel for my style.

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